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Down to the Core - An Inside Look at the Big Apple Grill and Bar. Some would say The Big Apple is not only a staple in Murray and Calloway County, but also a vital and integral part of the stability for the surrounding community. The Apple has been, and remains a rendezvous point for locals and students attending Murray State University for more than 36 years providing mental balance for those seeking a good meal and a cold drink.

Though The Apple is not native to Kentucky, it has served Murray residents and given a place of comfort and companionship since the 1950’s. Originally located just "south" of town in Puryear, Tennessee while Murray was plagued by the Blue Laws that restricted the sale of alcohol, The Big Apple Grill and Bar moved to its current location at 1005 Arcadia Street in October 2001 after liquor by the drink was allowed in the city limits. Regardless of location, The Apple has become a landmark in the eyes of the public and a restaurant recognized for its' original take on unique Mexican cuisine such as their signature items like the Beanroll and Smoo as well as BBQ & smoked ribs smoked daily, great entertainment, and one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

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